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Andrew Ng Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the New Electricity. Dr. Andrew Ng. Stanford University AI, Founder of Coursera, Baidu Research

Feb 16, 2017. Park Presidio, San Francisco. Professor Andrew Ng of Stanford University, founder of Coursera and currently the head of Baidu research leading a team of 1300 engineers is spearheading innovation and applications of Artificial Intelligence was at Gigahom AI Conference Yesterday. Dr. Ng has taught a well know class on Machine Learning that practically launched Coursera. Dr Ng also was the founder of …

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Don’t Pokemon and Drive! First AR/VR Success! 32M Views on YouTube

If you haven’t downloaded the Pokemon Go Game and followed the 7.5 Million People who have downloaded the app, Do it now!  The creator of the app combined the Pokemon story of the 1990s and Augmented Reality Technology  by combining the power of Geolocation, Mobile Videos and Gaming.   This is the first and biggest Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Success Story and the dawn of many …

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