Venture Capital

Uncle Sam Regulates ICO

The amount of money raised with ICO recently has been short of amazing.  This however opened doors for possible fraudulent ICO’s  offered by shady “startups” who never intended to carry out the promise of the startup.   Startup which is described by Eric Riles as “A human organization dedicated to create new products and services under conditions of extreme uncertainty.”      If you already know …

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Vinod Khosla – Khosla Ventures and Future of Technology @ JCC Palo Alto


Radical Innovation is going to come from startups and small/medium companies not from big corporations because big companies don’t take risks. “My Willingness to failed is what allowed me to Succeed”. Vinod is keen on AI. Fifteen of the top 20 job categories will be have positions replaced by Artificial Intelligence. Khosla Ventures just lead an investment of $50M in Vicarious AI.  An artificial intelligence …

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Will Initial Coin Offerings change how capital is raised?

Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to make headlines with many crypto currency startups raising funds using ICO (Initial Coin Offering)  which is akin to a Kickstarter campaign albeit instead of receiving a product as an investor, you receive a “coins”  in the new crypto currency in exchange for the value of money you put in.  You receive “Coins” instead of  “Shares”. Cryptocurrency is …

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