Don’t Pokemon and Drive! First AR/VR Success! 32M Views on YouTube

If you haven’t downloaded the Pokemon Go Game and followed the 7.5 Million People who have downloaded the app, Do it now!  The creator of the app combined the Pokemon story of the 1990s and Augmented Reality Technology  by combining the power of Geolocation, Mobile Videos and Gaming.   This is the first and biggest Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Success Story and the dawn of many …

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What are Virtual CIO/CTO Services?

Virtual CIO/CTO Services are Essential IT Services required by all business entities. Virtual CIO/CTO Services are a collection of services based upon the duties of key IT personnel in a large organization including the Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer and Trusted Advisor. Chief Information Officer Services Chief Information Officer Services are consulting services designed to assist small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) in aligning their IT Strategic Plan …

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Technology Start-Up Consulting

What can CTO Services do for your technology start-up? Business & Product Strategy Intellectual Property—Trademark and Patent Initiatives Intellectual Capital Development Product Management & Development Product Architecture Data Architecture / Database Design Infrastructure and Scalability Management Development Team Identification and Management Outsourcing or Offshoring Interview and Vetting key technology positions 94

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